Subject: First impressions on K2 vs. European BC stn

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1999 17:41:49 +0100

From: "Peter Zenker" <>

Did some QSO, got some good reports and from critical QRP friends an enthusiastic fat X9 as tone report.

It is getting dark outside. Using a 50 Ohm resistant at the txvr side of my Antenna Tuner and an RF Voltmeter I just measured abt 250 mV RF To explain, thats the sum of all RF coming into my shack from my 41m long 23 m up endfeed ZEPP.

Between 7100 and 7200 I counted 14 BC carriers all peaking the S9+40 bar at the S-meter allthough i used the attenuator. The sidebands of this BC stn all are peaking the S9+40 bar, that means, the real signal of the carriers will be som 60 dB over S9 or more.

The situation within the European 40m band (7000 to 7100): absolute clear receiving of amateur radio stn as week as 529 is position no attenuator, no amplifier. using the preamplifier brings the s-meter up to a constant level of S5. AGC is working fantastic. If I compare with rhe SGC 2020 which I had two times as a test rig, the only coment I can give is "no comment" (I still have some trouble with the German dealers about a comment printed in my monthly QRP-QTC :-((

Until now absolute no need to use the RF gain knob. I tried it, it is workin excellent also on week signals, but as I said, no need to do so. Compared to my FT1000 (the old one, not the MP) the K2 seems to be a little less noisy, but may be thats the same problem a young lover has if he compares his actual love with a model - the more you love her, the more she will. In fact it is at least the same quality. The main difference: Weight of FT1000 is 32kG

Until now, NO IF breakthrough.

In some of my rigs I am using a 7020 piecoceramic filter coupled to 50 Ohm by 2 transformers to make them winners on 40m. I will try the K2 with this filter to see if there is any difference (somtimes you can make good things even better :-))

Lots of European QRPers use the QRP beacon OK0EN in the Czech Republik as an ultimate test. It is at 3600.00 running 100mW into a corner dipole. To copy OK0EN one need a real good receiver. A few minutes ago I remembered this test. I tried it first with the FT1000: the beacon was there, QSA abt 2 to 3 (in other words, 229 to 329) with the 500 Hz filter and 329 using the 250 Hz filter.

Then I switched the antenna to the K2. At exactly 10 Hz above 3600 I heard the beacon QSA 5 either with or without Attenuator or Preamplifier.

Quod erat demonstrandum

72 de Peter, DL2FI