K2 Practical Performance

Bob Kelllogg (ae4ic@nr.infi.net)
Thu, 11 Feb 1999 15:09:21 -0800

Guys, My Elecraft K2 has been up and running since Sunday. I've been making a few contacts each day with it as I familiarize myself with the controls and fine tune the filters, etc. Being a field tester, I expected to deal with some problems as I assembled the kit. There were a few, less than half a dozen, manual errors that would have caused the wrong part to be used. These errors were caught by the first few builders. Here on the east coast, I was behind the west coasters, so took advantage of their suggestions. The only parts I had to remove and replace were those I put in the wrong place because of my own carelessness. There have been many suggestions for making the manual clearer and more complete. It was *very* complete as we received it, but, you know, we had to find something to pick at... Eric and Wayne have been at it 27 hours a day answering questions, fielding suggestions, etc. If their attention to detail during this testing process is an indicator of future customer service from Elecraft, we are all in for a treat. I did run into three or four problems that I considered serious. In *every* case these problems were imagined. What I mean is this: I thought the keyer didn't work. It did when I finally set the mode to "CW". :-) I thought the tenth segment on my LED S-meter didn't work. It did when I made the correct adjustments. There were one or two other problems like those. Today, I went through the rig again, made one mod and realigned it. At this point, the rig is better than I am. By that, I mean it has good features that I've not learned to use properly. So, it's up to me, now. So far, I've made a couple of DX contacts and some W's and VE's. The latest was Clif, AB5UA/M, while he was tooling around Oklahoma. I'm having a ball with the K2! I expected a lot, but it's more than I expected. CUL, Bob Kellogg, AE4IC, Greensboro, NC Prolably, not nececelery. - Benny Hill

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