K2 Report

Jeff Grudin (grudin@pacific.vdbs.com)
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 09:34:12 -0800

The K2 will live up to all it has been touted to be. Last night I had a 45 minute QSO with a friend in Mo (I'm in CA). He gave me a 10 over S9 report. I was using 10 W at the time. I usually use 100W for this weekly sked. 40 meters is usually quite noisy for our evening sked and I usually use my DSP filter to make listening tolerable. Last night the band was quieter than normal but still pretty noisy. With the filter cranked down to narrow, the sig was perfect and the noise level very quiet. I had no need for the DSP. For the DXer, the split was well thought out. The REV button temporarily allows you to listen to the transmit freq to find your place when you let go you are back listening to the DX. You can hold the reverse and tune with one hand allowing you to keep your other hand on the key. The xtal filters work very well and the narrow position is great. There is no ringing even on the very narrow position. The spot tone and CW reverse are also handy for tuning and QRM busting. I really like the keyer speed and power controls. When you turn them the speed/power show up on the display and let you know exactly where you are. Then they disappear and the frequency is displayed again. Everything works as it is supposed to. Last night I built an interface for my computer, that allow me to use the computer for contest keying, and also use my paddles to answer questions. Look out FYBo. See you guys tomorrow. -- 73 de AC6KW <mailto:grudin@vdbs.com> Jeff Grudin, DVM Web Add: http://www.vdbs.com/~grudin Ocean Animal Clinic / Cat Clinic of Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, California Norcal QRP #1292 QRP-L #16 ARS #351 AR Qrp #131

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