K2-on the air and counting

Jeff Gold (JGold@tntech.edu)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 13:18:51 -0600

Well, believe it or not, another local ham (Conard-WS4S) lent me his K2 for 2 days. Hooked it up last night (really hard.. had to plug in the antenna, and clip the battery leads onto my Gell Cell). Attached my Norcal Paddles, and then pushed in the power switch. The rig did its usual magic, lit the display saying Elecraft and then displayed the frequency. Now I am use to changing the paddle leads to match the keyer (so that dits are on left and dashes on right.. the way I like it). First try hit the paddle and sent one continuous note. Hit the menu button once to put the rig into menu mode, then turned the knob till it said paddles.. momentarily pressed the menu again to get to change the menu selection.. this allows you to switch between straight key, or which paddle will control the dits and dashes.. lot easier than resoldering. Was late at this point and not great local WX. Nothing on 10 all the way down till 40 meters. 40 was very ugly.. very loud noise and broadcast. Tuned in a station around 7.0400 and then figured out how to use filters.. another difficult maneuvor. You hit the filter switch and switches between one of the 3 settings. Found the one I liked. and immediately made a contact. Having heard how sensitive the receiver was, I was at first a little concerned because loud signals were about same as band noise. Switched on my Corsair I, with 500 hz filter and switched to it. Found I needed to have the filter on, use the RF gain and then the notch to get the signal thru.. band was just lousy. Same thing again this morning. Did some quick bad band condition comparisons, the K2 held up very well against the Corsair in terms of receiver. I consider the Corsair to be one of the best Cw rigs I have ever owned. The other one is my Kenwood 850.. will try the comparison with that also if I get a chance. The only time that the Corsair was at a slight advantage was when I used the notch on the Corsair.. which on my rig is quite effective. Programmed the memory keyer.. works very well. The keyer also works very well. Love the QSK on the K2, the speaker tone is beautiful.. very mellow and full, the receiver really pulls in the signals in adverse conditions. The rig on less than 5 watts seemed to cut thru the noise, got very good signal comments when I asked.. in addition to standard number exchange. It is real cool the way when you turn the keyer speed it reads out the speed (and it seems to me to be the actual speed), when you change the power level, it also reads your power out on the digital display. Very well thought out computer interface. The rig is very intutitive.. so far.. many many features I didn't mess with. The keyer worked very well for me. I really like the main tuning knob.. very high quality and nice feel. Very impressed so far. Hope to be able to play on some of the other bands tonight or tomorrow am.. may have to take some vacation time in the morning tomorrow. 72 Jeff, AC4HF

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