K2 Glory

Roy (marion@montana.com)
Sat, 06 Feb 1999 21:11:16 -0700

Been using my K2 for a few days and I'm in awe. The the performance and features of this rig is astonishing. For instance, the scaning feature. Scans whatever band segment you want, pauses on the station, if you don't hit a paddle or any button, it resumes scaning. It can tell if its a carrier and doesn't stop. You can store the scaning setups to memorys and have a band scan plan for every band. Amazing how a "dead band" comes to life. And the audio is great.Any way, there isn't enough bandwidth for me to brag on this fantastic rig. I sure feel I got my moneys worth. I'm on 40 now (0400Z), so get on and and lets have some QSO's. 72 Roy AB7CE, Montana.

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