K1 Internal Pictures 

(Click on each picture for a larger view.)

QST K1 Review (.pdf, 03/ 2001 issue. ARRL Members Website)

These pictures are of our lab K1 and will have some minor differences from production K1s.

K1_all_boards.jpg (104273 bytes)

K1 RF, Front Panel, and KFL1 Filter Board

K1_front_top_off.jpg (124890 bytes)

Top Front View

K1_inside.jpg (111576 bytes)

K1 with KFL1 Filter Board

K1 Left Rear.jpg (78952 bytes)

Left Rear Shot

K1 with KAT2.jpg (70585 bytes)

K1 with KFL1 and KAT1 Installed

KFL1.jpg (39720 bytes)

KFL1 Filter Board

kat2.jpg (106347 bytes)



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