K1 LCD Backlight Mod Kit


Tom Hammond, N0SS, has helped us with a simple modification to your K1 to add a backlight to the main display.

The mod kit manual has complete details on this modification.

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Additional Note: K1 Backlight On-Off Control
The backlight draws only 6 to 10 mA, but you can add on/off control if desired. One possibility is to use a switch mounted on the left side panel. However, since most K1 owners never turn off AGC, it may be preferable to use the AGC menu entry to control the backlight. To do this: (1) cut the RF board trace running from pin 8 of J6 to C31; (2) add a jumper on the bottom of the RF board from J6 pin 8 to P1 pin 18; (3) use another jumper to connect the cathode (K) lead of the backlight LED to pin 18 of J1 on the front panel board.

The AGC menu entry can be assigned to PFn if you don't use this switch for XIT or some other function. This makes the backlight even easier to turn on/off.