Elecraft® Hands-On Ham Radio™

Elecraft EC2 Project Enclosure

The EC2 is painted to match the K2, and uses the same versatile, multi-panel construction. In addition to the cabinet itself, you can purchase a matching tilt stand, or use the supplied rubber feet. Either way, the EC2 can add a professional touch to your next project--antenna tuner, power supply, station control console, amplifier--you name it. (For a smaller enclosure, see the EC1.)

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EC2.jpg (79863 bytes) EC2_side.jpg (66384 bytes) EC2_K2_stack.jpg (82715 bytes)

The EC2's inside dimensions are:
Height 2.75 inches (7.0 cm), Width 7.65 inches (19.4 cm), Depth 8.08 inches (20.5 cm)

EC2 Enclosure

ETS2 Tilt Stand, 3.0" Std 

ETS15 Tilt Stand 1.5"  Low Profile

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