EC1 Project Enclosure

The EC1 can add a professional touch to your next project--antenna tuner, power supply, station control console, audio filter, etc.--whether stand-alone or as a companion to the K1. The EC1 includes four rubber feet, but can also be used with the KTS1 wide-range tilt-stand if you need to optimize front-panel viewing angle.

The EC1 uses our versatile, multi-panel construction. As with the K1, any of the five chassis elements can be quickly removed to facilitate drilling or cutting, or to provide access to interior components. The kit also includes 8 of our unique 2-D fasteners. These fasteners provide several ways to ruggedly mount printed circuit boards or other hardware, and we supply extra screws for this purpose. The 2-D fasteners have excellent thread depth (1/4") and are much more durable than tapped holes in thin sheet metal.

The EC1's inside dimensions are:
Height 2.10 inches (5.3 cm), Width 5.1 inches (13.0 cm), Depth 5.5 inches (14.0 cm)

Please send us photos (digital or film) of your completed EC1 projects for our photo gallery.