Revision date: March 11, 2009 

Note: Please DO NOT call or e-mail Elecraft regarding EQP. Post questions to our email reflector. Thanks!

Object: To have fun, work old and new friends, work new S/P/C's (States/Provinces/Countries) for awards, and optionally collect some Elecraft rig serial numbers. Open to everyone - no Elecraft rig required.
When: 1800z March 14 to 1800z March 15, 2009 (second full weekend in March). There is no restriction on the number of operating hours during the 24-hr period.
Bands: Use 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 Meters ONLY.

Suggested Frequencies (+/- 10 kHz):
CW: 1815 (EU: 1840), 3540, 7030, 14060, 21060, 28060
SSB: 1840 and 1915, 3875 (EU:3775),7275 (EU:7075), 14275, 21325, 28325
PSK31 - commonly used frequencies (e.g. 14070)
RTTY - commonly used frequencies (exception: on 40 m, use 7085 to avoid CW stations near 7040)

Multiple Contacts with Same Station:
Each station may be worked on each mode and each band for QSO credit. The three modes are CW, SSB, and Digital.

Elecraft rig users: RST, *S/P/C, rig & serial # (e.g. "559 CA 13000")
For serial number: Use number to indicate rig (K3=3, K2=2, K1=1, KX1=0) followed immediately by serial number (e.g. 23000 = K2with S/N of 3000)
Others: RST, *S/P/C, power output (e.g. "559 FL 5W")
*S/P/C = State (U.S.) / Province (Canada) / Country (DXCC list)

QSO Points (All modes): 
Elecraft s/n logged: = 5 points 
No s/n logged: = 3 points 

S/P/C total for all bands and modes. 
The same station may be worked on each band and mode for QSO points and S/P/Credit (e.g. CA can be counted for three modes on each of six bands for a possible 18 multipliers.) 

Power Multiplier: 

CW/Digital Mode


0 to < 1 W x10  0 to < 2 W x10
1 W to 5 W x7  2 W to 10 W x7
>5 W x1 > 10 W x1

Highest power used at any time on any mode determines multiplier. Please limit power to100W maximum.

Score: QSO points x S/P/C's x Power Multiplier

Submission Info: 
Name, Callsign, S/P/C, Score Summary, Station Equipment
Send to:     by April 10
Also include soapbox, but no logs (EQP is based on honor system)

Awards: Certificate for top US, VE and DX entries (three certificates)

Additional Important Notes:
1. No cross-mode QSOs
2. Packet use is encouraged during the contest. Feel free to spot stations calling "CQ EQP".
3. Avoid nets and FISTs frequencies. When using QRP calling frequencies, use QRP power (5 W or less for CW/Digital, 10 W PEP or less for SSB).
4. Have longer QSOs than just EQP exchange if you wish.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: Do I need to use an Elecraft rig or contact stations so equipped?
A: No, But Elecraft rig users should send their rig types and serial numbers.

Q: Why the cryptic method of sending Elecraft rig and S/N?
A: For existing software to properly interpret this field, the string must contain only numeric digits. If an alpha character is found, the software will interpret the string as power.

Q: Is there any incentive to work stations who are using Elecraft rigs?
A: Yes. QSOs count five points and also count toward Elecraft CC and WAS awards.

Q: How do I call CQ so people will know I'm participating?
A: Call "CQ EQP"

Q: Can I work a station more than once per band?
A: Yes, once per mode (CW, Digital, and SSB).

Q: Can I count QSOs made on six meters and above.
A: No. EQP is HF only at present.

Q: What if I change power output during the contest?
A: Use the power multiplier for the highest power used.

Q: Can I use more than one transceiver during the contest?
A: No.  This is a change this year to help simplify logging and avoid confusion.

Q: Is there software available for the EQP?
A: The rules closely resemble the ARCI and MI QSO Parties, as well as the SOC Marathon Sprint. DOS based NA and TRLOG as well as Windows based N1MM Logger and N3FJP Logger support these contests and will therefore work with the EQP. See other links.

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