EQP 2005 Results

Call  Name QTH Score Rig Serial #
W4ATK Jim AL 60 K2 4028
KS4L Randy AL 36 K2
K6III Jerry CA 105 K2 500
KE6US Eric CA 69 K1
W4NJK Charlie CA 12 KX1 208
WA5ZNU Leigh CA 3 K2
W0NTA Dick CO 204 K2 3900
N1TM Tom CT 48 K2, K1 4616, 385
OH9NB Benny Finland 111 K2
W0SOC Bob FL 606 K2 438
K4JPN Steve GA 39 K2 1422
W1TF Ralph GA 27 K1 1423
DK0SU Tom Germany 192 K2 4138
K9EW Ed IL 54 K1 1343
AB9V Mike IN 54 K2 3993
7K1CPT Yama Japan 36 K2 1486
7L3DNX Takumi Japan 36 K2 3534
JA1BVA Masaaki Japan 30 KX1
K0ZK Arnold MA 144 K2 692
K1EP Ed MA 60 KX1 666
WA3FAE Forrest MD 51 KX1 347
XE2/NM6E Javier Mexico 69 K2 4409
K8DD Hank MI 126 K2 850
K0TC Ron MN 32 K2 3670
W0QQS Bruce MN 28 K2 3646
N0EVH John MO 21 K2 2006
NI5F Bill MS 26 K2 1135
AE4EC Edwin NC 15 K2 2471
PA0RBO Robert Netherlands 30 K2 2406
N2ED Ed NJ 264 K2
N2CQ Ken NJ 63 K1 137
WD7Y Ed NV 126 K2 865
W7GO Tony NV 6 K2 4049
W8YMO Harry OH 12 K2 1202
VE3XL Ric Ontario 135 K1 968
VA3DF Doug Ontario 69 K2 2427
VE3BHW Jack Ontario 33 K1's 1389, 1929
K3WW Chas PA 150 K2 566
K3MD John PA 138 K1 1900
SP9NSV Kris Poland 12 K2 3143
K0COP Dave SC 18 FT1000D
N2WN Julius TN 82 K2 3311
K4DXU Bill TN 27 KX1 702
AK5X Bill TX 114 K2, KX1 4637, 1023
WA7BOC Roger WA 19 K2 755
N7XY Bob WA 17 K2 3273
MW0IDX Roger Wales 61 K2 2724

Soap Box:

AB9V, Mike

A casual operation on this end, all CW on 40, 20 and 15 meters. HB9BNO

on 20, DK0SU on 20 and 15 meters. Local line noise was an issue this

weekend which the K2 noise blanker doesn't handle well so I probably

could not hear some stations. It was fun!


73,Mike K2 nr 3993


NI5F, Bill

I called and called CQ on 20- and 15-meter SSB and never had one response. I would recommend doubling the value of SSB and quadrupling the value of RTTY/digital contacts.


I know I was getting out because DL3GA on 20-meters and OK1FPG on

15-meters gave me CW contacts.


If anyone needs Mississippi any HF band or mode contact me at

ni5f@arrl.net. I am on 160-meters also.



K1EP, Ed

Didn't hear too much activity, but I was also antenna challenged.   Only had one KX1 and one K1 QSO.  All other Elecrafters were K2 . Even worked one DX, DK2SU on 20M.


K3MD, John

Rig K1  SN  1900 Hours of operation 5

Tried to move stations to 15 many times to no avail

for domestic or European QSO's



K0COP, Dave



W4ATK, Jim

Great fun although bands were pretty lousy. Spent about 2 hours and the

everything was dupes so left for a while and came back. Managed to snare DK0SU on 15m and OK1NE on 20m.



N2CQ, Ken

Rigs worked in the contest: K2 (16), K1 (2), KX1 (2), other (1)


KS4L, Randy

Enjoyed a couple of hours of Elecraft contacts on 40m.  Tried CQs on 20 and 15, but didn't raise anyone or hear any signals.


VE3XL, Ric

I enjoyed this years edition of the  EQP more than in previous years.

I worked 45 stations.    Of that number 44 were Elecrafts     This year

I was able to spend more time at it.


I am still having some minor problems with the 20 mtr  transmitter

section.   I lose most of my output power after about 1/2 hour

transmitting so I would have to shut down for a while and start

again.     Out comes the soldering iron to find that elusive "cold

solder joint".


Congratulations to the organizers for another very enjoyable QSO party.


Tnx to all those people out there with the "Great ears" that were able

to copy me when I was only running about  2 watts on 20 mtrs. 73/72 to all.


KE6US, Eric  

Great fun! Highlights were working W0RW/PM and W0SOC/Bob who proved he

doesn't meet the qualifications of SOC. He flat dominated 14.0595 with a strong sig here in So Cal for the 3 hours I operated.


OH9NB, Benny  

Remarks: Not very many K1/K2/KX1 available. I had to reconsidere

tactics and start to work "other" QRP. This turned out to be PR

for Elecraft, but that is OK. My 5W got 3 Elecrafters (k2 5W both ways) from USA . Only band used: 20m.


MW0IDX, Roger  

I was pleased to work 5 US stations despite poor band conditions here.

All EQP stations were using K2 's except HA5BDU using his KX1 (FB signal!) Good fun!


K3WW, Chas  

Worked 50 complete QSOS  plus where I got the call and RST but no rig or name. Running 4.8 or less watts for ALL QSOs.


Nice to work Wayne ,

W0SOC was loud and always there on 20 and to some degree 15..Activity

seemed to peak late night.  I checked periodically throughout the 24

hour period..frequently pretty quiet.



AK5X, Bill  

K2 SN 4637 Built over XMAS Holiday (25 QSO's), Longwire and Mini-33

tri-bander W/ 6 ft boom up 36 ft.

KX1 SN 1023 Built a month ago (13 QSO's), most with Buddypole antenna


What a blast to copy all of that great CW from rigs with a fantastic CW

note.  Only one Q with a non-Elecraft rig (IC-703).  The temp was summer like at 82 degrees so I used the KX1 (on batteries) and Buddypole in my backyard for a couple of hours.


W0QQS, Bruce  

Tough conditions. Thanks for great rig!


W1TF, Ralph  

20' of wire inside the house was the antenna. Not a great score but I did get two new states toward WAS. Thanks to EQP and the ops in RI and MT.


 WA3FAE, Forrest

Another nice, gentle contest.  I like QRP contests; everyone is trying to work

the weak ones!  I didn't make as many Qs as I would have liked because I was

messing with PSK and hoping to make a few there.  Didn't hear any.



W8YMO, Harry

Elecraft to Elecraft QSOs:

(1) 160 meter.  (3) 80 meter.  (1) 40 meter.  (1) 20 meter.


In Ohio , 10 and 15 meters were stone cold dead and 20 meters was very sick.



AE4EC, Edwin  

No time for more q' as she who had to be obeyed had projects for me.



K9EW, Ed  

Condx not the greatest, but still enjoyed the EQP.  There sure are a lot of K2 's out there.  Best DX was Tom, DK0SU.  Best PM was Paul, W0RM, of course. 73 to all, and see you next year.



K6iii, Jerry  

CW-only running 4-watts on 20m and 40m. Was going to give EQP a maximum effort but got called to work the evening before EQP. So started at 1500z but had to QRT at 1536z to get ready for work.

Came back in the evening and play a bit on 40m. Next morning came

back on the air 1451z and made 8 more Q's (Plus a couple more after

the finish bell - which I did not count for score but they are in the log).


20m: 23Q's and 15 States plus 2 Provinces - Best DX = Maine (K0ZK)

2 el Beam at 45ft


40m: 12Q's and 10 States plus 1 Province - Best DX = Maine (K0ZK)

Dipole at 45ft


PA0RBO, Rob  

Worked CW only, used 5 W out for all contacts. Propagation

moderate. Did not hear great activity from European stations. Worked 3

US stations which is 3 more than last year. Thanks for organising again

Wayne . Till next year EQP.


XE2/NM6E, Javier NM6E

Having been sent, again, on a 2 week business trip to Mexico City and Monterrey , N.L. Mexico, I brought along my K2/QRP rig.


I had already renwed my $95 USD Mexican Reciprocal license from the CoFeTel (Comission Federal de Telecommunicaciones=Mexican FCC) through a rather painless, now that I know the system, process back in

February while on a previous business trip. I can take anyone thru through the process if any one wishes off the reflector. I have applied/renewed various times in the last year and a half.


I packed up my regular check-in bag with the Super Antenna MP-1, 10 feet of coax and A&A Engineering QRP Smart Charger (to charge the K2 internal battery) and use the charger as a supplement (for current) to the K2.


The Smart Charger was special made to have a 110Vac/220Vac switchable to output either 1/4amp or 1Amp (used during high transmit times on the K2 and not kill the K2 built in battery.


No major issues going thru SFO international terminal, I just had to take the K2 out of the roll along (afer xrays) and then they did an explosives swipe test. And off I went to board my direct flight to Mexico City .


After landing in Mexico City , luck was on my side, and I got a "green light" (I didn't declare anything on the customs form) and rolled my luggage on through the checkpoint to the rental car counter.


I was fortunate enough to have to fly to Monterrey on Wednesday 3/9 for meetings, a training class I gave on Thursday and on Friday I conducted site inspections.


The hotel I stayed at, Presidente Intercontinental Hotel in Monterrey, happens to have end rooms with Balcony's that just happen to have GROUND CABLES passing along the flower beds! I was placed on the 9th

floor of a 10 floor hotel.


I managed to attach my portable Super Antenna MP-1 (manual screw driver type of Antenna) to the hotel ground system along with my ground radials for the antenna.


I was able to work 80m into Cuba the night before the contest with only 5 watts and managed contacts on 15-80 during my 4 day stay with 5 watts


I was surprised at how quiet the bands were for the QSO party on 40m.


I had fun with my 5 watts and the hotel balcony workedlike a charm. Many folks were surprise to hear my "strong signal" and common reports of 5x7, 5x9 on peaks were frequently given to me.


CW was fine but I had issues with my Vibroplex Code Warrior, it kept slidding off of the plastic patio table as the temps on Saturday were about 85 degrees and I couldn't see my laptop screen in the bright



I had to rig up a make shift "patio umbrella" with the hotel room garbage can and cover my head with a shower towel and part of the  laptop to see what I was typing.


I was spotting myself on the cluster to make myself known but my rate never really picked up. It was averaging about 7-10 Q's per hour.  I mixed things up and also operated a bit with the Oklahoma QSO Party to

keep entertained during the slow down.


Overall, I must have made about 250 Q's in my 4 days with work being my primary focus etc on the trip.


Operating in Mexico strictly states a foreigner can't compete in DX contests, luckily we have QSO Parties that are not DX contests!


Over all I had a good time and plan on operating more from Mexico City and other cities as my work expands with the never ending desire for "Triple Play Services" (Voice, Broadcast Video and Internet over

your phone lines)to residential customers.


I am planning on "tricking it out" my K2 QRP to a K2/100 in the immediate future as the other cities that are on the expansion list merit me enjoying some R&R from work and operating from! Cities such as

Mazatlan , Puerto Vallarta , Cancun ! etc.


SP9NSV, Kris  

Worked only one hour. Wish I had more time. The only dx worked was K1JD

(John). 72 & cu in next EQP


VA3DF, Doug  

Only managed to get on Saturday evening for a few qsos but had fun just

the same. Worked 23 stations for a score of 69 points with K2 #2427

running 5 watts from Burlington , Ontario , Canada . One 80 m. qso and the

rest were all on 40 m.


Hope everyone had a great time and see you next year.



The KNB2 in my K2 helped to lower the terrible noise at the beginning

of the party and using the fine antennas of DK0SU (X7 beam, V80S

vertical) I succeeded in digging out some of the weaker signals from

the US . Rig here was K2 S/N 4138 at 5 Watts.

Glad of having worked Chas, N1RR with his homemade 1 Watt TX and

several stations known from last years EQP. Worked Jack, AA1ZT one

time he used 100 Watts on 15m and the other time only 2.5 Watts on

20m; in both cases I could copy him with RST 579 -- a real nice

experience. Cuagn all next year! Tom, DK0SU/DF7TV


N0EVH, John

Thanks for the event it was fun to put some more Elecraft numbers into

the logbook.


K0ZK, Arnold  

I operated from WBQQ studio in Kennebunkport , Maine .  My antenna

was a sloper attached to a tower on the second floor deck nestled in among four satellite dishes used for receiving programs.  I had never operated from here and was concerned that I might cause interference to the Met opera, The Barber of Seville by Rossini that was being broadcast during Saturday afternoon.  No interference was detected so I got on the EQP while monitoring the opera and triggering commercial breaks over the course of the afternoon.  A very bad winter storm was going on and ice kept building up on the main receiving dish, so I had to brush out the snow every 30 minutes or so.  At 6 PM, my jazz show began and I was unable to contest for the next four hours.  I was conducting my own contest and was giving out concert tickets and talking to callers on the 800 line.  Five minutes after "Classic Jazz" was over, I worked W0NTA.  I managed to work DK0SU, G3YPZ, MW0IDX,

FG/VE3AXD, and DK0SU again on 15 metres for my only contact on that band.


WA5ZNU, Leigh  

My one QSO was with W0RW/PM using his KX1.


W0SOC, Bob (N4BP, op)

Used the club call of the Second Class Operator's Club and also participated in the SOC Marathon Sprint which overlapped the EQP for six hours. Participation in the EQP was VERY low, needs more advanced publicity. Perhaps a mass e-mail to all owners of KX1, K1, and K2 's, if such a database is possible?  Still think rules should include the exchange of S/P/C and provide multipliers for same - would make it much more interesting, and perhaps intice more people to participate for the purpose of contacting new states and countries.


QSO Highlights:    DK0SU on two bands, CU2JT on 40M, WG4FOC (one of club calls for First Class Operator's Club), K1JD (HUGE signal on three bands), W0NTA & K8DD three bands, K4KSR 100mW & W5KDJ also in the mW's

Might have heard Wayne, N6KR - copied N6?? and then thought I picked out a "K" and "R" during several repeats.  But no way to copy the info even if my guess was right.





VE3BHW, Jack  

Not enough time to work more. But VERY enjoyable.


WD7Y, Ed  

Having a full house of company, I was lucky just to operate in this years EQP. Condx this year must have been better than last year.

Last year I spent 15 hrs for a total of 52 Q's.

This year I spent 10 hrs for a total of 42 Q's.

I used 20M, and 40M.  I checked out 15M but never heard anyone up there. I hope to work next years EQP, it is a fun event.


W4NJK, Charlie  

Loop antenna on 20M and 40M good activity but my sigs were probably NVIS.


K4NVJ, Joe  

I worked DK0SU on 14/21 but never even heard CA. Had fun but would like

to have heard more participation. Worked 1 on 80m, 10 on 40m, 16 on 20m

and 3 on 15m.


KØTC, Ron  

Another enjoyable EQP.  As a non-contester, I find the EQP relaxing and fun.  I can't wait until next year!


7K1CPT/1, Kiyoharu  

This year condx was too bad I had few contact with some elecraft rig useres. I had no dx QSO but I enjoy this QSO party. Thanks a lot.


7L3DNX/1/QRP, Takumi  

I had twelve QSOs,I had a ball. I contacted with K2 :4, K1:4, KX1:4 stations. But all Japan qrp stations. I'll try to more QSO with DX stations on EQP next year.


WA7BOC, Roger

Another fun EQP! Propagation made for an interesting time. 20 m was the hot band for me.


JJ1XET, Nao  

This year, I heard many CW EQP at 40m band. Thank you contact.


W0NTA, Dick

Another fun contest. I used K2 SN 3900 at 5 watts to a Force 12 Sigma 40XKR vertical dipole antenna. I only operated 20 and 40 meters. I did

not hear any activity on 15. See you next year. Thanks for your work in this contest.


K4JPN, Steve  

Only worked about one hour total on the contest, but nice to meet other

Elecraft fans.  Looked around for SSB EQP participants, but did not here any or get any answers to SSB calls, so ended up only working CW.


N2ED, Ed  

The first two hours were fairly active. After the first two

hours activity seemed very spotty. Certainly was fun to work the DX.  


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