Revision date: March 9, 2005 

Please DO NOT call or e-mail Elecraft regarding EQP. Post questions to our email reflector. Thanks!

EQP Logging Software:

Writelog    (version 10.53 upgrade includes EQP support)

Windows Version by Toby, DJ7MGQ

For Palm OS:  Email n1zsw@hotmail.com  


To have fun, work old and new friends, and optionally collect some Elecraft rig serial numbers. Open to everyone--no Elecraft rig required.

1500z March 12 to 1500z March 13, 2005 (second full weekend in March.). You can operate any number of hours during this period.

Use 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 m ONLY. 

Suggested frequencies: 
1805-1815 (EU: 1830-1850), 3530-3540, 7030-7040, 14050-14060, 21050-21060, 28050-28060

SSB: 1845-1855and 1905-1915, 3850-3900 (EU 3750-3800), 7250-7300 (EU 7050-7100), 14250-14300, 21300-21350, 28300-28350


·         PSK31: commonly-used frequencies (e.g. near14070) 

·         RTTY: commonly-used frequencies *except* near 7040,which will be in very active use by CW stations (many of them QRP)

Multiple Contacts with Same Station:
Each station can be worked on each mode and each band for QSO credit. The three modes are CW, SSB, and digital.

Elecraft rig users: RST, name, rig, serial # (e.g. "559 WAYNE K2 NR 3000").
Others: RST, name, and power output (e.g. "599 BOB 15 W").

QSO Points:
3 points per QSO made using 10 W or less
1 point per QSO made using over 10 W 

CW/Digital Modes:
3 points per QSO made using 5 W or less
2 points per QSO made using over 5 W and up to 15 W
1 point per QSO made using over 15 W

(Please limit power output to 100 watts, max. )

QSO points are based on YOUR power output at the time of each QSO. You can change your power at anytime.
ALL QSOs COUNT for credit, even if neither party is using an Elecraft rig for a given QSO.

Simply add up your QSO Points. (No multipliers, no categories.)

Submission Info: 

1.      Name

2.      Callsign

3.      State/Province/Country

4.      Score

5.      Rig type (see below). 

Send to:  eqp@elecraft.com  before April 24, 2005.Also include any Soapbox comments, but no logs. (EQP is based entirely on the honor system.)

RIG TYPE (optional): Users of both Elecraft and non-Elecraft gear are encouraged to indicate what rig was used most often (based on # of QSOs made with each).

Results, Fame, Glory:
Scores will be posted on the Elecraft and other reflectors by April 31. Scores will be sorted from highest to lowest. State/Province/Country and rig type will be included to allow further analysis of the results. 

Additional Important Notes:

1.      Cross-mode QSOs are OK; this is intended to allow those with CW-only rigs (such as the K1 and KX1) to work additional stations in SSB segments.  But in all cases, your*transmit* mode is the "mode" for the contact.

2.      Packet use is encouraged during the contest. Feel free to spot stations heard calling "CQEQP".

3.      Avoid nets and Fists frequencies. When using QRP frequencies (e.g. 7040) use reduced power whenever possible, or call and move off frequency.

4.      Have longer QSOs(i.e., longer than an EQP exchange) if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need to use an Elecraft rig, or contact only stations so equipped?
A: No. But Elecraft rig users should send their rig type and serial number.

Q: Is there any incentive to work stations who are using Elecraft rigs? 
A: Yes. Contest contacts count toward Elecraft CC and WAS awards; see elecraft_awards for details.

Q: How do I call CQ so people will know I'm participating?

Q: Can I work a station more than once per band?
A: Yes--up to 3 times (on CW, on SSB, and on a digital mode).

Q: I use my K2 as an I.F. on bands above 10 meters. Can I count such QSOs?
A: No. EQP is HF-only at present.

Q: What if I change power output during the contact?
A: That's OK; just score each QSO based on the highest power level used during the QSO. 

Q: Can I use more than one transceiver during the contest?
A: Absolutely! Experimentation with different rigs, modes, and antennas is encouraged. Take the rig outside and usea random wire. Invite a friend or family member to try making a contact. Make a few Qs 
from your couch using a KX1 

Q: 24 hours? Seems awfully long for a QSO party. 
A: We do this because of unavoidable overlaps with other contests. More importantly, we want everyone (in all parts of the world) to have a good chance at band openings.

Q: Is there software available?
A: See links at the top of the page.