Troubleshooting Tips -  Common Problems and Solutions

If you don't see it here, also check the Option Info links off of the Builder's Resource Page.

K2 Trouble Shooting - Manual Appendix E (.pdf) Read me 1st

Cheap and Dirty Signal Tracing for the K1  N0SS (pdf)

Cheap and Dirty Signal Tracing for the K2  N0SS (pdf)

K2 Signal Tracing Pictures KC8SES (pdf)

K2 - Low Power on 20M? Try this..

Getting the INFO 80 Message?  Look here!  


No TX Power out? Make sure C167 (RF) is installed.

Low Power Out on Higher Freq's? See: Winding T2 for Maximum Power Output on 12/10M, by AB7MY

Low and distorted audio? Make sure you didn't wire the external speaker jack backwards. (If you did, the 'hot' speaker line is grounded...

Erratic Keyboard Operation? Check RP1 (FP) Orientation. (Pin 1 = Dot)

PLL Voltages = 8V above 40M? Make sure C76 (RF) is EMPTY.

Displayed Voltage = 0 in Voltage / Current display mode? Make sure slide switch S1 on the Control board is set to the 'INTERNAL' position.

Note: The 1800 pF caps may be Yellow monolithics instead of Blue monolithics.

Resistance check values may vary from those in the manual if you use an older Analog meter instead of a newer digital meter. Also, >50K etc can read as open on some meters, which is OK.

Resetting your K2 (When '5757' doesn't work!)


If all else fails.. Elecraft Repair & Alignment Service


Email us at to send in comments and corrections and for technical support. 

Also, the Elecraft email reflector is a great place to ask questions of other K2 builders.

Please send parts requests ONLY to   We may miss them if they are posted to the reflector or to our individual email addresses.

It is a good idea to inventory ALL of your K2 kit before you start building. That way we can send you any missing parts in advance of your actually needing them. We know how frustrating it can be to get to a step in the assembly and be short a part!


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