Toroid Wire Tinning Notes

Gary, AB7MY

I'm still seeing lots of poorly-tinned-toroid-leads (or PTTL for short), as I repair some K2's that are here for service. Please practice tinning the leads of your toroids if you are not comfortable with this process. 

The best way I have found (and the quickest, too) is to use a soldering iron of 650-700 degrees F, and a "blob" of solder on the tip of the iron. After a few seconds, you can move the tip back and forth on the enamel wire and add some fresh solder to help remove the melted wire coating and oxides. Flip the toroid and wire(s) over, and repeat the operation on the other side of the wire(s). Be sure you can see brightly-tinned wire right up to the edge of the toroid core. This is much more effective and faster than using a flame to burn off the enamel, and then scraping and sanding the wire clean. Try it and I'm sure you will agree. 

Try to make your toroids look like the ones in the manual, or those shown in the photos on the Elecraft Builder's Resource pages. This is one way you can add some personal skills to the kit construction, and produce a fine looking (and performing) product!

"PTTL" still holds it's spot at the top of the Ten Most Frequent Reasons for Kit Failure!!! :-)