Toroid Winding
10 Nov 1999 

We have received several calls regarding how tight to wind the turns of wire on the K2 toroids.

This is not a critical issue from an electrical standpoint. Most of the Toroids in the K2 are not extremely critical. Winding these turns extremely tight (with the outside almost flat to the core) is not required. (Some builder's like it from an aesthetic point of view though..)

We recommend winding the turns so that they are just touching the core at the edges, but not pulled too tightly. Generally, if they are just pulled through the core until they are lightly wrapped around the toroid (snug) all will be OK. 

The only areas where we have been a little more specific on windings are for T5 in the VCO (page 49, Fig. 6-16) and T2 in the Transmitter (make the secondary cover at least 180 degrees of T2 with the wires coming around the sides to the PCB.)

In general don't panic. If the wire makes it through the center of the core, all will be OK.