KSB2 SSB Adapter Notes and Alerts

Picture of the KSB2 SSB Adapter Nov 14, 1999  

K2 2nd Stage Xfil Mod, for 'Flatter' SSB Filter Response

March 23, 2001 N0SS, PDF (472kB)  (3/23/2001 update) Equalizes the RX frequency response between USB and LSB.

Modifications to the KSB2 to Improve IMD in PSK31 Transmissions, KI6WX

Nov 22, 2000 An excellent application note by John Grebenkemper, KI6WX , on improving the KSB2's IMD performance on 

SSB Carrier Null Notes AB7MY

Feb 25, 2000 Notes on optimizing the carrier balance for USB and LSB.
Microphone Pre-Amp Feb 25, 2000 For Heil and other lower gain Mic's.
USB / LSB Receive Sound Equalization Nov 18, 1999 Improvements to the sound of USB on 160M-17M, and to LSB on 15M-10M.
K2 SSB Microphone Conn. Jan 17, 2000 Radio Shack #274-025 or # 910-0895
Eliminating RF Feedback Nov 18, 1999 Methods of eliminating RF feedback for any HF rig. (Especially applies for end fed wire use.)
Grounding the K2 Mic Jack Nov 17, 1999 Instructions for optional grounding of the shell on the K2 microphone jack.
Possible un-programmed U1 ? Dec 4, 1999 If you suspect U1 on the SSB adapter is unprogrammed:

1.First confirm that 6V power is present on pin 1. 

2. If pin 17 is near 0V then U1 is blank. (It should be near 6V.)

 Contact support@elecraft.com and we'll send a replacement ASAP!

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