K2 Remote Read Me Notes 10/14/2003

This is the first release of K2 Remote (v 1.0 beta).

Run the supplied setup program to install K2 Remote. The installer may require your system to reboot during the install process. A new Elecraft program group and desktop icon will be created for K2 Remote.

Turn on your K2 and connect your KIO2 RS-232 cable to your computer's Comm port. K2 Remote defaults to Comm 1, but it can be changed to any Comm port from 1 to 10 via the Connect/Com Port menu entry at the top of the screen. Click on the desired RS-232 comm port (even if it already checked) to connect to the K2.

If you see the 'K2 is not responding' message your K2 is either not turned on, is cabled incorrectly to the computer (make sure to use the RS-232 cable you built with the KIO2), or the incorrect Comm port is selected. Make sure the radio is on and connected to the computer. Select the correct Comm port (or reselect the correct one if your radio was off.) Selecting (or reselecting) the Comm port from the option menu causes the program to re-check for the K2. 

When K2 Remote detects the K2 it will display 'K2 Present' just under the K2 Remote S Meter.

K2 Remote will reflect the current K2 state and will also follow most actions you take via the K2's front panel. In essence K2 Remote acts as an expanded display panel when you are still using the K2 directly. 

Click on any of the K2 Remote buttons to change K2 states. Frequency can be changed by direct entry (double click on VFO A or B frequency display, enter the new frequency and click on the RX button), via the Freq. Adjust buttons or via the Freq. Adjust fine tuning slider. For different fine tune slider increments enter new values in Hz in the 'Incr.' box

Current Limitations:
The CW send window only accepts a limited amount of text before it must be sent with the SEND CW key. 

Eric (WA6HHQ) and Wayne (N6KR)

K2 Remote Copyright (c) 2001 Elecraft LLC