KAT2 ATU Notes and Alerts

ATU Pictures Jan 02, 2000  
KAT2 Manual Feb 14, 2000 (+ Errata 3/29/00)

Notes on setting up the FWD/REF Power settings on the KAT2 ATU AB7MY

Feb 25, 2000  
KAT2 CALn note June 8, 2000 ATU Construction and Alignment Notes
Balun Transformer Construction Links Feb 25, 2000  
KAT2 Tech. Note 1: Feb 28, 2000 Symptom: High RF output that is not controllable
Excessive Current Drain with KAT2? July 22, 2000
Internal DC and RF connector Confusion July 22, 2000 WARNING regarding plugging the battery cable into the AUX RF Connectoe by mistake.


KAT2 Builder's Alert Archives 

(These alerts only apply to KAT2s shipped prior to April 2000.)

KAT2 Alert #1 Feb 25, 2000 Moves lock washers on ATU control PC Board to improve spacing.
KAT2 Alert #2 Mar 3, 2000 Important Assembly/Alignment Changes
KAT2 Alert #3: Mar 29, 2000 SSB ALC Improvement with ATU

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