K2 Modifications for use at 100W

10M and VFO/ALC mod kit

The base K2 meets FCC spurious and harmonic specifications at its regular power levels and normally does not need this modification. We discovered that a small number of K2s will slightly exceed these specifications (by 2-5 dB) when run at 100W with the KPA100 option. Making small changes to the components in the K2's 10M band pass filter and the VFO ALC circuit completely resolve these issues. As a result we include this modification kit with all KPA100 kits. The mod kit consists of several new component values to replace those in the stock K2.

If you decide you would like to make these changes to your stock QRP K2, a  kit of parts is available from Elecraft for $15.00 plus shipping. Order part number E850093 (10M and VFO/ALC mod kit). You can write this order information in the comments section at the bottom of our regular order form, or contact our sales group ( sales@elecraft.com ). Please do not order this mod kit from Scott or Gary in support (we're trying to keep them focused on their regular tech support duties.)

K2 Modifications for use at 100W - Instruction sheet - .pdf


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