K2 Quick Reference Card (2/23/99)

(Thanks to Rob, W3DX)


K2 Quick Reference Card

  • Tap top label. Hold bottom
  • Display. Volt/amps
  • Direct Freq: Tap Band +/-. Enter 4 or 5 digits
  • Scan VFO A to B: Hold RCL, hold mem1-9
  • Tuning rate: Tap 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 Khz
  • Play/Rec Keyer: MSG 7-9
  • Auto repeat Tap MSG, Hold 7-9
  • Store/Recall Mem. Hold RCL/Store, 1-9
  • Split Freq: A or B flashes when on
  • RIT/XIT: +/- 1.2 Khz, flashes when on

Menu Commands:

  • Select with main knob, hold Edit to change:
  • ST L: Side Tone Level
  • ST P: Side Tone Pitch
  • dLAY: QSK delay. 0.02 Default
  • lnP: Paddle hand, normal, reverse
  • SSBA: Audio; SSBP: Processor
  • LCD: nIte backlight, day
  • GrPH: dOt, bAr, OFF
  • Opt: PErF, Battery
  • CAL: Off, FCtr, FIL, PLLbIAS, S LO, S HI
  • PF1/2: Select command for PF1/2



  • Set BFO/FIL: FCTR in TP2, Select CW, CAL FIL, Hold Edit. FL1 040c, Band- BF1 159c, tap XFIL; FL2 070c, BF2 159c, XFIL; FL3 150c, 159c, XFIL.
  • Linearize VCO: FCTR in TP1. Select VFO freq, CAL PLL, Hold edit. 3700.1, 7100.1, 10000.1, 14200.1, 18100.1, 21200.1, 24900.1, 28300.1
  • S Lo: RF Gain Cwise, VFO Knob Cwise until left segment turns off. 180.
  • S Hi: RF Gain Ccwise, VFO Knob Ccwise until right segment just turns on. 22.
  • VCO Align: Freq set to 4000.1, DMM to left side R30, Adjust L30 for 4.5 volts.
  • Peak Bandpass max sig then pwr out: 80 L3/L4; 40 L1/L2; 30 L8/L9; 20 C21/C23; 17 C32/C34; 10 L12/L13, 12 C44/C46.
  • Freq Calib: FCTR and external counter on TP1, VFO set to 28 Mhz signal. Adjust C22 until counters are the same.
  • Power Save: LCD day, Grph off, Opt Batt, Preamp off, Use Headphones.
  • Firmware vers: Hold any switch during pwr up.