K2 Builder Alert #2: #6 Nylon Hardware on RF Board
            Tue, 29 Jun 1999

This alert ONLY applies to K2 serial numbers 00101 - 00240.

The first 140 K2's shipped in this production run have been shipped with #6 nylon hardware (instead of #4) to mount T5 on the RF board. The #6 Nylon screw is a little too large to fit through the hole at T5 without modification.

This is not a critical area, since the hardware is only included to stabilize T5 for mobile operation. The K2 can be built and calibrated without screwing down T5. (It's wires hold it down firmly).

We suggest either one of two solutions if you have the #6 hardware.

1. Slightly increase the hole diameter in the center of T5 on the RF Board using a small  philips screwdriver, drill bit or a small awl. (Be careful not to over enlarge the hole. There is a trace near the hole on the bottom of the RF Board.)

2. Or mount the T5 with any 4-40 non metallic hardware you may have in your junk box.

If you are uncomfortable with performing the above, please email radios@elecraft.com and we will help you out.

Sorry for the inconvenience!