May 15, 2000

Applicability: ONLY K2 kits from S/N 1240 through  S/N 1310.  

Symptom: Front Panel Kit: PN5179's kitted instead of PN2222A's.

This Alert ONLY applies to K2s S/N 1240 - 1310. All others are OK.

We just discovered that the wrong transistors were put in some (but not all) of the K2 Front Panel bags for the above serial numbers. Two PN5179's were kitted instead of PN2222A's. 

Please check your Front Panel kit for these parts and contact  if you need replacement PN2222A's. (If you have these parts in your junk box be careful to note that the metal can variety of the 2N2222 or 2N2222A has a reversed pin out from the PN2222 plastic package used in the K2..)

We have corrected this problem on all K2s shipped after #1310.