BUILDER ALERT #12a: Removal of LCD rear protective film

May 11, 2000

Applicability: ONLY K2 kits shipped after 4/15/00 but BEFORE S/N 1279.  

(All K2s S/N 1279 and later will have the rear LCD protective film removed at the factory. )

Symptom: Your K2 LCD numeric display shows a series of faint diagonal black lines when the backlight is on, or when you inspect the rear of the display prior to installation.

This one caught us off guard. Our manufacturer of LCD displays decided to add a protective film to the rear of the LCD display without telling us.

This is new with the latest batch of K2 LCD displays (which started shipping in the last 30 days). This film has a series of faint diagonal lines on its face. Peel off this thin, flexible,  plastic film from the rear of the LCD display, BUT BE CAREFUL NOT TO REMOVE THE SILVER TRANSFLECTIVE BACKING from the rear of the LCD display. This film is similar the protective thin film on the front of the LCD and both films are similar to those used to protect the displays of most consumer electronics items during shipment. (If you do not see the diagonal lines on the rear of the display, the protective film is probably not present and you do not need to do anything.) 

If the LCD display is already installed, you will need to carefully unsolder the six front leads of the display and tilt it up from the board to get at this film. If you can't do this, you can send us your front panel for re-work (We will turn it around and return it in one day.) We will send you a replacement LCD display if you damage the old one.  Email  to get return authorization or a new display.

Note: If you don't see the diagonal black lines on the rear of your LCD, you probably don't need to remove the protective film. Even if it is still there, it won't impact the display unless the lines are visible.

Also, as noted in the K2 manual, there is also a thin clear plastic film protecting the FRONT of the LCD during shipping. It typically has several thin yellow diagonal lines on it. It should also be removed as per the instructions in the manual.